Unfortunately due to the Covid pandemic we are unable to offer our Gatherings at this time. 


Monthly Gatherings are a safe place to discuss topics relevant to new parents. We want you to not only have the support of us, but also of other parents so you can create your very own postpartum community. Memberships include one year of Gatherings, and you can attend even before you have your baby. Its never too early to start creating your strong postpartum community. 

Our goal for each Gathering is for you to relax, talk , and be heard. 
Gatherings begin at 11:30. Each meeting will be different but follow the same general format. Mamas Intuition provides lunch and lead a discussion on a variety of topics. We sometimes welcome guest speakers to Gatherings to provide advice on specific topics (ie. nutrition, sleep)

Babies are OF COURSE welcome and we are available to help meet their needs to allow you to take a break. 

Memberships are included in any package over 40 Hours or can be purchased for $250

My daughter and I now attend the monthly gatherings that Olivia and Maggie host. Within a few minutes, you can see the passion these two have. They listen, allow us to process our new lives, and provide resources, that I quite honestly no longer have the time to find myself. I’m always looking forward to the next month’s gathering minutes after leaving the last one. What I must say, is that in our busy lives we’re so quick to hire someone for almost every other aspect of living. A plumber, a realtor, a builder, etc.... so why wouldn’t you want to have someone care for you, when you’re literally too busy caring for everyone else?


Maggie and Olivia are wonderful. They are very sweet, thoughtful, and non judgmental. I have really enjoyed their groups! Great place to meet with other moms. The speakers they have brought in have been unique and shared helpful, relevant, and great info!