Olivia Strashok...

 “Am I doing this Mama job right??” 

That question starts the instant you pee on that little stick and see the positive sign!

I’m a mama of two and think I’m doing alright… for the most part. My kids are polite, thoughtful-ish and kind. I’m very lucky to have a solid foundation of family and friends, including the most supportive husband.

BUT even with this incredible support system, the struggle is real… being a mama is HARD and it’s easy to doubt that mama’s intuition, especially at the beginning! A newborn child needs nurturing and equally as important is the nurturing of a newborn mama...

I’ve always been drawn to helping mamas and their newborns… unknowingly I inhabited the ‘Froula’ role (friend Doula)! When a close friend of mine gave birth to twins and told me, “Olivia, this is what you're meant to do," I embarked upon a quest to turn this passion into a career.

Maggie Sinfield...


HELLO! I'm the mother of two spunky girls, and the wife to one great guy. The first few months after having my babies were some of the most challenging times of my life. They were also some of the most wonderful. I was lucky to have had loads of support, but it definitely got me thinking about how ALL mamas deserve the same care and encouragement. It was during that time when I decided I wanted to provide other mamas with practical, authentic support. Thus began my journey as a postpartum doula.
Since then I have taken training through DONA, CAPPA, and most recently Newborn Mothers. I love working with families in their homes, helping them become confident parents.  

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