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Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Its been a long time in the making, but when it all started coming together it happened very quickly .

Maggie began her journey into motherhood in 2009 with the birth of her beautiful daughter. It was a hard delivery, which made the recovery hard. Her husband was an amazing support and did everything he could. He would help with the house work and made resting very easy (at least logistically). But the journey into Motherhood is not always smooth. A traumatic labour that ultimately resulted in an unplanned cesarean hit Maggie hard, physically and emotionally. Her reality was she couldn't stop crying, she had a terrible time sleeping, and breastfeeding. Breastfeeding was something that was supposed to come so naturally, but for some reason it was so hard.

Things did get easier. Over time her body healed and she began to know and really bond with her baby girl. But she never forgot how hard things were in the first days of Motherhood. The classic "they don't come with an instruction manual" had never rung more true. There seemed to be a lacking in support focused on her, the new Mother.

Olivia began her journey in 2010 surrounded with wonderful support. Her own Mother, Mother in law, and husband all rallied around her. They spent 3 days in the hospital due to her son being jaundice, a condition of the liver not being able to process excess levels of bilirubin. While this is not uncommon with newborns, it definitely adds another layer of stress. Her son needed to be under UV lights for a few days. Olivia was given the advice that he NEEDED to stay under the lights, even though she was desperate to bond with her new babe. She felt helpless that her baby was alone and she was unable to hold him, smell him, look in his eyes. On the third day the charge nurse came to her, angry with Olivias previous nurses. She could see Olivias desperation to be with her baby. She let her know that holding her baby for short times was alright. This small deed made such an impact that Olivia still feels grateful for this advice to this day.

Olivia has helped many friends with the births of their babies and in the first few weeks supporting them. She always felt as though there was a lacking of care specifically for the Moms. How such common, easily fixable problems could devastate a new Mom because she does not have sufficient support to gain confidence.

These experiences and many more lead both Maggie and Olivia to train as Postpartum Doulas. To be the support for new Moms that they know is needed. They are committed to the families they work for and determined to give non-judgmental, practical and emotional care, and help empower these parents to be their most authentic selves.

Olivia and Maggie ultimately met through a simple Facebook post. Olivia was looking for a local Doula to get to know and work with. Maggie responded with the same intentions.

They meet once a week to brainstorm how they could help create more awareness for Postpartum care, and support one another in their own personal business. Its during this time that the idea of merging classic in home care, and real connections with other Mothers came into conversation. Leading to the development of their memberships. Over many coffee's and work sessions, Mama's Intuition was born. Its purpose is to provide the community with the support needed to help new families thrive after the birth of their babies.

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